My story is not unlike that of yours. I hope you can associate with my words and they resonate with you in letter and spirit!

It has been a month since i got married. We had a glitzy and flamboyant shindig to celebrate our love. Well, no matter how much i’d like to deny that i didn’t want it as ostentatious and showy, i did enjoy every minute of it. After all, it appeased my narcissistic side. Who wouldn’t like their every whim and fancy to be heard and taken care of while slipping on a hot mug of tea?

We had relatives pouring in from overseas to attend the last wedding of the family. It would turn out to be the most documented one for sure.We did pay one fat sum to the photographer. I’d like to change ‘fat-sum’ to ‘obese-sum’ now that we have settled finances with him. Modiji apparently will inspect his finances and we had to pay up 15% extra (ST) on the discussed sum to develop our country. Middle class dads like mine will sure have a tough time throwing weddings with grandeur, show and pomp like their wives would have dreamed of. ┬áNo more Sabyasachi lehengas or Anju modi gowns ladies.

I did pay for some of my expenses TBH. I wanted to buy my own outfits ( those that i could afford). It gets very confusing sometimes to be the proud independent girl who buys her own things and the one that has to “allow daddy to pay” as she’s running short of funds. :-/

I will write another post on the details of the wedding. For now, I want to end by saying that i know i got married too early. Gave in to mom and dads wishes for the better of somebody else. However i will not deny how happy meeting him has made me. Here is hoping you enjoy anecdotes on my married life.